Big mall in Mumbai


Actually, I’ve never expected I could find ZARA in India. I went to a big mall near my flat today, named Infinity mall Malad. One of the purposes is buying Indian style clothes. I could find any traditional clothes so easily in Goa, Delhi or Amritsar but not in Mumbai. There are some but not much like another cities. My roommate told me she found some shops in the mall few days ago.

This mall has amusement park and cinema at top floor. You can hear people are screaming from roller coaster. There are some brand shop from foreign countries like ZARA or Lacoste. But surely, people who can buy something from these shop belong to middle to high layer in India.

Band event at ground floor
Art for Diwali

In summer season, people spend time in mall and enjoy window shopping even in my country. Nothing is different from us in India now.

Then I got three new clothes here. Price was almost same with the case to buy one T-shirt in Japan (Rs 400-700) but I found some clothes cost Rs 3000 or more. It really depends on.

It was good to spend time there, I missed to see “Ra One” which is Bollywood movie this time. Next weekend I will go to Versova beach to see my friend. I enjoy weekend well so far.


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