Drink & dance!


Dance hall in Pune, India

I often went for drink with my friends when I was in Pune. Most of time we used restaurant named “Basho”. Basho is a name of Japanese poet and I was surprised when I found the restaurant. The design of restaurant was like Japanese garden or Japanese room. We drank kingfisher beer there and go back home before 11 p.m..

But sometimes, we also went to pub. Most of pub has “lady’s night” Girls can drink alcohol free. There is also dance hall and DJ makes good music. It become so crowded after 9 p.m..

One day, I went to pub with three friends. One of them was a student who was taking a course of MBA. Before going to pub, we drank some bottles of beer and took some snack in their room. We drank two bottles each at last but everyone did not look drunk yet. And the student boy still looked shy and quiet character. A few hours later, we took bike to a pub and kept drinking again. After 9 p.m. there became crowded and some people started to dance. For the student, it was first time to come such a nice pub. (Guest had to pay Rs1000 as entrance fee; almost 20 USD) Suddenly, he started to dance. It had not been imagined that he liked to dance a lot until the moment. Of course, he was totally drunk…After 3 hours, the pub was closed and we went out from there. However, two of my friends were drunk and the student boy started to vomit. It reminded me my student days. We also went for drink and stayed until late at night, some of friends became drunk and half of them had to care of them…There was no difference even in India.
It was heavy rain but they wanted to eat something and kept driving to find restaurant under heavy rain. The student boy were almost dead at that time. Finally, I could not patient and suggested them going back home. We were all wet and felt very cold…

I talked with one of friends (who was not drunk at that time) yesterday. It become funny memory for us now. But at last, he told me that the student boy could not stop vomiting until 6 a.m. after going back home. I felt sorry for that but also could not stop laughing in my mind…


おまけ Disco in Buenos Aires, Argentina



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