Golden temple in India


The golden temple in Amritsar, India. 8 hours far from New Delhi by bus, is a city  near the border between Pakistan and India. This temple is the place for Sikh religion. People from any religions can enter by free after taking off shoes at the gate. Very peaceful place and clean. You can hear religious music from stereo that is played inside of temple.

By the way, the trip to this place from New Delhi was terrible…I asked my guest house in Delhi night bus ticket before the day. The ticket included another option like Rikisha to bus station from guest house and A/C (air conditioning) bus. However, Rikisha driver brought us to another place and we could not find any bus there. The driver could not speak English at all so I called to guest house to explain this situation. They only said “Wait a minute” but I had already known the word “One minute” can be most dangerous word in India. It means one minute can be 30 min or more. I decided to go back to guest house. They were almost in panic and owner told me he would prepare his car to drop us at bus station. But at last, we took Rikisha again to get our bus with a hotel staff.
We could get on bus but the staff said we had to change bus at once. They had never told me about that and I was very upset. after 30 minutes, we got off the transfer bus and waited for next bus for 30 minutes. A guy came and brought us to somewhere. There was a bus but that was non A/C bus. I thought the hotel staff cheated us and called again and shouted them. That was a moment I got angry the most in this trip to India.
At last, we could get on another bus with A/C. But another problem happened. It was freezing bus…they could not change temperature and we had to patient whole night in the terrible bus. Next early morning, we reached Amritsar and tried to find any hotel but nobody could speak English unless we tried to find someone who can speak.

After that terrible trip from Delhi, finally we could see golden temple. These are the shots when I was really exhausted…anyway, good place.


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