Make a line

I met up my friend in Eno-shima, one of my favorite places in Kanagawa prefecture, just one hour far from my home. It’s rainy season in Japan now and this is best time to see a flower called Ajisai. Hase temple is great place to watch it and a lot of people visited there today. However we passed there and been to Enoshima by Eno-den, small local train. It was very crowded on the platform. There were three lines on several places of platform as a place waiting for next train. A family did not make a line and just stood next to me. Another people were waiting for train behind of us on the line.

“That family might be from Chiba prefecture.” My friend said after getting off train.
“Because I saw many people don’t make line at Chiba station when they are waiting for train.”
“I see…but most of people did not make a line in abroad. You should not be so serious about it. We are minority in this world.”
“Maybe. But you know, we are Japanese and it is better to keep our rule as a Japanese. Because it must be good part of Japanese, isn’t it?”
Japanese sweets in Kamakura
Some foreigners say, “GAMAN 我慢”(being patient) is great thing of Japanese when they saw how Japanese people behave even in this hard situation by big earthquake. I totally agree that this is good thing of ours. But I think it is bit different from “being patient” but common sense for us from long time ago. Patient includes some stress to do something. As for me, I do not feel stress when I have to make a line to wait for train at least. That’s why even at a crowded train station, people can make a line for every people not to feel bad each other. People who comes earlier have a right to get on train faster and who comes later should wait behind of them. We just do it, no wonder. And it really can be said this is good part of Japanese.

Ajisai parfait


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