3329 for one month

This is totally different experience traveling foreign country and living abroad. I have lived in Japan, especially city area for 28 years and doesn’t have experience living or working in foreign county (stay in one place for several years). I visited over 30 countries and the purpose to visit was sight seeing or meeting up friends. I think travel is good way to know good part of the country more than bad part. I met a lot of foreigners who have come to Japan as a traveler. They told me how nice country Japan is. However, no country is perfect. Japan is also not exception.

What does the number mean “3329 for one month”(in May 2011). It means the number of suicide last month in Japan. When I talked about this reality, the number of suicide, in my country to foreigners, they asked me “Why?”. Some of them knew there are many people who kill themselves in Japan but they didn’t know the reason. Actually, so am I. I can guess some reasons but not sure about truth. And also guess if I explain these reasons to them, they will not understand. For instance, business man are fired by company or students could not get job after graduating from university. I still remember a reaction of a Nepali guy and Brazilian boy I met in 2006 and last year after I talked about it. “Why do they give up their life so easily? I don’t have regular job but I have never tried to die because of it.” “I love Japan but if I live in Japan and I have to suffer like this, I do not want to live there. Japanese must come to Brazil and know how life is wonderful.” “Japan is very nice country. Everything is clean and accurate. If I am waiting for train on the sign of 7 on the platform, 7th train car will be stopped in front of me. That’s really amazing. But Japanese can be going mad because they are always so serious.” An Italian girl said on TV program.

3329 is terrible number and painful incident. But I think this number cannot be equal to how terrible country Japan is. Because same situation or worse like losing job happen in another countries. I heard it is impossible to get even part time job not only being full-time employee in a developed country. But in Japan is not worse like that. So why do they kill themselves easily? Because of character of Japanese or system (common sense) in our community? I still do not know why they give up everything, there could be really terrible situation around them that I never knew. But Japanese should learn to be easy going, try to see outside of Japan and enjoy their life. No country is perfect but people can be happy depends on mind.



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