Spring in Yokohama city Japan and Ivano-Frankivsk Ukraine

flowers in the park near Yokohama port

2 months has passed since that earthquake happened in north area in Japan and people has already spent days as usual in my city. I went out with my friend on last weekend, there were many people in the part near Yokohama port. It is general view here and looked nothing happened 2 months ago. Fortunately, my city didn’t get big damage because of earthquake but people in north area are keeping uncomfortable days. My friend decided to move to west area from Fukushima because of radiation. Japan is so small country that some of my friends abroad thought all area in Japan has damaged by earthquake or radiation but surely it is not truth, we still have small quakes once in a day in my city though.

My brother in Ukraine canceled his trip to Japan this time that was planned from May 20 because I asked him to do so. He must be very disappointed but has done new project in his hometown recently.

100 m painting on the main road
Photos of art project in Ivano-Frankivsk
City lake in Ivano-Frankivsk



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