Lost, keep and fix

One month in Vietnam, I met some funny new people. But after 2nd time to visit somewhere, most wonderful thing is to meet old friends. I had five close friends in Vietnam. 4 people are from Vietnam and 1 person is from Japan. The Japanese friend is the owner of the hotel I worked this one month. I met him 3 years ago and he said his dream is to have his own hotel. I could see his dream came true this time. I was working at his dream of 3 years ago. He said “Suddenly the day came to me, actually it is far from my real dream.” But anyway, I was happy to see him and his girl-friend and friends around him. About another 4 Vietnamese friends, I lost one old friend this time. He was my first friend in Vietnam. It was most sad thing but it was better to get over. I have never cut any friendship by myself in my whole life and it is first time to do so. I learned how difficult to keep relationship. 2nd and 3rd friend are his nieces. The one lives in Ho Chi Minh City and I could meet her. But she was in bad situation in her life this time. She told me sad story about last few months. I was sad to hear about that. The other girl is in Canada. I could not contact with her last 1 year but she caught me online 3 days ago. I could know she is happy in Canada at least. 4th friend is in Hanoi, I met her last May and she showed me around and really matured girl. She asked me to visit her again to Hanoi but I did not go there this time.
After 6 times visiting Vietnam, I lost, keep and fix old friendship. Vietnam is special country for me, close and like neighbor. But I think I will not visit them for a whole. If I will come again, it must be over 10 years later. Now I think my long journey was really finished in Vietnam, my neighbor country. SHE told me a lot of things about travel and life from 2008 when I came here first time. I have to say good-bye at once.
I will leave Vietnam and prepare for next step of my life, new life in India.



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