They are always thinking about money

Not for all people but most of people, money is most important thing in Vietnam. Sometimes, I had to be surprise about their mind.

One day, An American guy who lost passport came to stay our hotel. It is necessary to have passport to check in. A Vietnamese girl came with him.
“He is my friend and I can have response for him. You only make him stay here for one night.”
She looked she treated the American guy well. I thought he is her friend so she tried to help him. Next moment, she tried to tell me something from behind of him. The sign is “Money”. I could not understand what she was saying. After few minutes, she came to me. “How much did you make him pay to stay here?”
“He paid normal price.” I answered and she laughed.
“Most important thing is to keep him here without passport and get more money from him.”
She meant, he did not have passport and it is special service to allow him to stay. So we can get extra money from him. I could say nothing to her. She looked helpful for her friend, but she was just thinking It was good chance to get more money from HER FRIEND.

Many Vietnamese girls try to get foreigner boy-friend because of money. i am not sure that boys know about it or not.

A German guy came to complain about system of our hotel.
“Why does your hotel change the price for rent room so often? If you find another customer who has more money, will you kick me out from this hotel?”
We have to make the price cheaper when we do not have enough customers. Now is low season and it is true that we changed price cheaper sometimes to get customer.
“Vietnamese are always thinking about money.”He said.

Yes, they are always think of money. However here is not Japan or Germany. This is Vietnam and we have to be used to their mind, the way to think. And of course, they do not have enough money to live like Japan or Germany. This is a reason they always must think about money.

Actually, I don’t like their way to get money but I am from Japan, I have never worried about money to live my life. If I was born in Vietnam, I also had same way with them. Most important thing is made by situation of life.


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