keep dream, then come true!

My brother from Ukraine planned to visit Japan next month. But because of radiation and earthquake, I asked him not to come this time. He had already bought flight ticket and we were preparing for applying visa to Japanese embassy in Kiev. But the documents I sent to him for getting visa has never reached his home. It was lost…someone told me it was because of radiation. Some country post offices stopped delivery from Japan. Finally, we could not know reason.

I sent sms to his mobile late at night in Ukraine to ask him not to come to Japan this time. Because the situation in Japan did not get better after earthquake. I wanted him to come without any risk. He told me he could not sleep at all that night, he was disappointed. Because he has already  waited for 5 years to come to Japan since he was only 17 years old. Visiting Japan is such a big dream for him.

He sent a picture today. It was drawn after he got my sms.
When I saw it, I thought he can keep his dream and make it come true. Even after few years, he will be able to come to Japan. (This picture is a memory we were walking around in Kiev to find space ship!!)

I’m really proud of him, He told me how important to keep dream and make it come true. Dream can make people strong even in bad situation.


  1. oh when is the best time? Since you are going to open a shop there, would it be better if we visit you when your shop is ready.
    have a nice day!


  2. Kaori, thanks for updating me about his life. So wonderful to see his painting. Hope to meet him personally again! He has grown up so much – not the little boy that we met last time. 🙂 okay, let me know once you decide. Then I will arrange my time and apply leaves to India.



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