A weapon

One of the things I noticed on this journey is that I do not have any skill to make me live everywhere. Unfortunately, if I wanna live in some places, I don’t have way to earn money by myself. I met many people who has something to make them live even if they left their country. Someone is programmer, someone is teacher, someone is designer, someone is cooker…they don’t need to be care about place because they have way to live by their own skill. What a big gap this is! Now I noticed how I was protected when I was in Japan. My major in University was not related with my work. This is strange for most of foreigners. Their career is focused on one thing from student time and they are getting experiences about their profession for a long time. Some people said “I don’t care about the place because I can work everywhere”I was shocked when I heard this because I cannot say same with them.
I had thought one of the important thing in my life is I can answer when I am asked “What have you done in your life”. However now, I should add one more thing, that is “What I can do”.
This world is huge and has a lot of interesting and beautiful things. But it is also true that only people who has weapon for their life can enjoy this whole world. Otherwise, you have to stay one place and can miss most of wonderful part of this world.
I remembered someone said “This is time for individual. You need to have something that can make you live wherever you are.”



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