No electricity, no work, no money and no…


Blackout often happened in Pangani, small town near by Indian ocean. Two or three times in a day and it kept over 3 hours sometimes.
Electricity in Tanzania belongs to government and it cannot be allowed to be provided by any private company.

First day in Pangani, I met two funny guys. The one was working at tourist information center and the other was working as engineer.
The engineer had a project to make a party boat for Zanzibar. He told me he could not work without electricity.
“Where are you going?” I often found he was driving his car in the town and asked him.
“No power and go for drink!”He killed time by drinking beer when he could not work.
When we were drinking beer at bar three of us, the power was coming back and he run for work. “I will come”
But after he left there, blackout happened again. We heard the sound of his car was coming back close soon. He came back for drink again…
“No power, no work, no money” he said.
On the other hand, the guy who worked at tourist information center was in lovesick about American girl.
His opinion sounds like more serious…he said “No electricity, no work, no money, and no honey…right?”

As above, electricity has big influence on their life. It can be said,”No electricity, no life”


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