Arusha to Pangani in Tanzania

Saying good-bye to Arusha and I left to Pangani on January 9th in the early morning. The bus to Tanga, the town I have to change bus to Pangani,left Arusha national terminal 7:30 a.m. I heard I can arrive at Tanga 2:00p.m.

“Don’t take any bus except Dar Express” I found this attention on Internet.
Most of foreigner tourists only use Dar Express and I also used it when I went from Dar Es Salaam to Arusha. However, this time, I used “Simba” to go to Tanga. The bus looked ok. No A/C and no foreigner though…Around 10 USD for 6 hours trip was quite cheap and actually I like to travel by using local way.

But when the bus started running, I felt the bus might be broken…how can I say…just I guessed.
That was early morning so I was feeling sleepy and did not care about it anymore.
Children were playing befind of my seat and many people were “packed” inside. It means there was no extra space.
“This is local way…” I have seen same situation in some countries when I took bus or trains.
It was usual to see 4 people sat on one seat, 1 adult, 1 baby, 2 children.

Around 12 p.m. the bus stopped for lunch time. I bought two Samosa and ate it outside.
After on hour, our bus was leaving to Tanga again but suddenly stopped again.
A police came and started to check inside of bus. I thought it was kind of security check because there was political issue in Arusha last few days and some people were killed or arrested, many polices were on the road for security. I could make sense about it. But the bus still stopped after polices left there. I asked a guy the reason and he said a word “Crush”.
Some guys were trying to fix something under the bus and driver checked engine.
I noticed our bus died…….

We were waiting for 1 hour outside but it didn’t look getting better,I supposed it took long time to fix it and decided to take another bus.
“Let’s go!” A guy told me the small bus stopped next to our bus also went to same direction.
Some customers also moved to the small bus.
Of course, it was “more local bus” and it means “more packed bus” I had to stand more 3 hours until arriving at Tanga. I gave up to go to Pangani directry and decided to stay Tanga for one night. It was already 4 p.m. Fortunatelly, after few minute, some people got off and there was avairable seat. A guy asked me to take seat. But I noticed there was a girl who had kept standing before I got on the bus. I asked her to take seat but she said “You can sit”.
As an aside,I was very surprised when I saw her face, she looked around 15 years old but she was really beautiful girl. She wore black clothes and covered her skin because she was Musulim. She could not speak English well but tried to talk to me by using some easy words sometimes.
Her elder sister could speak English and told me about her family or Tanga.

Around 6:30 p.m., finally I reached Tanga. I was very tired and asked taxi driver to bring me to any budget hotel nearby. I got single room with 10 USD. Well, it may be true that “Don’t use any bus except Dar Express” if you just need safety trip. But if you like adventure, it must be fun to take another bus. You can have interesting time that you didn’t expect.

Now is Jan 9th at 8:00 p.m. in Tanga. 11 hours trip…


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