Zebra’s party night


I joined Safari tour, 3 night 4 days in Ngoro ngoro narional park and Serengeti national park.
It was great time, especially second night near Ngoro ngoro national park.
We camped with tent on the mountain at camp site. There were another customers who also took Safari tour. I stayed with a woman from Berlin in same tent. She told me “Be careful when you go to toilet at night because you can meet some animals on the way.
There are buffaloes, zebras or Jackals” I didn’t mind her opinion because normally animals don’t come to the place people stayed.
But the moment she told me about it, two zebras passed in front of us…it was really open-mouthed thing.
And another thing happened…It was 3 a.m. I woke up the sound of step someone were running. “It sounds like… horse?” “Oh my god…!” She saw outside from our tent. “Many zebras are running around!”Over 20 zebras visited our camp site and running between tents. After that, they started to eat grasses. I could hear the sound that zebras were eating glasses next to tent. Such a huge ground but they came to our place…Do they like human??
Actually, most of animals were never afraid people. Lions got lying down on the road and they kept sleeping even if cars tried to close to them.
Inparas looked at us both of side of road. Did we take Safari or animals did human Safari??
We also met many Maasais. They waved their hands when they found us.
This budget Safari tour was good, first suggestion from a Safari company I got was 1600USD though…
I hope zebras also enjoyed human Safari at that night…



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