That’s ok


Only 3 days staying in London. I saw kindness of people here. I had heard people was kind in London before coming here. It was true, I don’t know how to explain but they are all frankly. They always say “That’s ok” if someone made some mistakes. They are not friendly like people in Barcelona because their character is more cool 😛 but of course, easy to talk with them. I did not need to hesitate to talk to them.

One of interesting thing is attention about traffic. I thought too much attention in my country, Japan. For instance, if you take train, there is announcement “The right (left) door will be opened, be careful about the gap between train and plat form…bla bla bla” in each station. But in London, it is same thought the drive is more heavy- handed than my country… And  also on the street, you can find this sign. Ha, it looks like for children . Yes, most of people ignored traffic light here.

My new friend here told me one funny drama in England. “Black Books” It was SOOOOOOOOO funny! More than “Mr. Bean”. I decided to see all season when I have time.

Well, I have only more 8 hours to stay in London this time but I just started to know about this city. Maybe I will be able to find more fun about people. At once, good-bye London and see you soon in next month!!


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