Egg generation


The man who was around 60 years old welcomed us with quiet smile when the door was opened. There were some tables with chairs and a lot of images painted by children on the wall. Sun light was brighting the space from the big window and no one except a small cat and us. I was looking pictures while my friend was talking with him in their language. Every images were colorful and painted freely without any hesitation. I also felt free when I was looking those images.

“Kaori, he asked to take seat here.” My friend translated for me. “I like that image.” There was one image of tree with pastel color painted by the old man. “Me, too. That is similar with the life of tree that you sent to me as a postcard few months ago.”
The man is artist and teach children how to draw. He is also teacher of my friend, not only about drawing but also about life. “He is asking you if you like painting or not.” “Yes, when I was child I was drawing a lot. But now, I can not. I want to do but I can’t. I don’t know why.” He said “After few months or years, you can feel more free and then start to make something. It is not too late to become artist.”
He wanted to know about my country. I talked about young people in Japan. I am feeling there is small change between elder and young generation. Especially, about priority in their life. Some young people try to see different world and prefer free life to belonging to something that was thought good thing by people for a long time, enter famous university, have family or own house, or belong to famous big company. I saw some young people who also have same opinion with us and also elder people who called us “New generation”.
“It is the time that many eggs were born in each country.” The old man said. “I don’t know what will be born from these eggs but this world will be changed when they hatch out.” “Maybe 10 years later or less?” I said.
Small cat was sleeping on the couch when we finished discussion about our own world. My friend and I said thank you to him and left his place. He saw us off at the entrance with same quiet smile that I first saw.
“Egg generation” Nobody knows what will be born from us. But it is true that we are more interested in differences each other and being used to be in diversity. Thanks to internet, we have opportunity to know people who is from another region or I can see a lot of young people who travel by themselves but not taking tour. We can meet new people at the hostel and chatting about differences. I hope we can make better world that we accept differences, respect and understand each other.


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