Jerusalem, Israel


*Border of Jordan side

7/8 22:44 Local time, I am in Jerusalem, Old City. It was 4 hours trip from Amman to here. It took long time to across the border but nothing happened. Jordan and Israel don’t have government problem now and it is easy to cross the border between these two countries. But just in case, I asked them to put the stamp on the another paper but not on passport.

I took mini-bus from border in Israel to Old City,Jerusalem. The driver asked us to prepare our passport and army got on our car with gun. They are friendly and said “Wow,Japanese.” when I showed them my passport. At that moment, when they came in our mini-bus, I felt this is Middle East.

I guess some people are wondering safety in Israel but atmosphere in Old City, Jerusalem, were quite good. There are many tourists from all over the world. It is similar with EU. I stay in Youth hostel and many young people from each country are watching TV or enjoying net surfing with i-phone in the living room.

People can speak English better than Jordan and helped me if I was looking for some places. At evening time, army was sitting on the road for security. And most of churches are closed 6:00 p.m.. When I tried to enter one place, police asked me “Are you Muslim?” and told me “Today, Muslim only.”,means Only Muslim are allowed to enter and another people can come in on Sunday.
First impression of Israel is wonderful! I strongly recommend to visit this place!


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