First day in Amman, Jordan

After taking 6 hours flight from Delhi, I arrived Amman, Jordan today. It is first time to come to Middle east area.

Middle East…Is it safe? How about people? I was little bit scared to come here but people are very kind! Many people helped me when I asked something today even if they could not speak English very well. When I lost my way to the hotel, they tried to find the person who could speak English on the road and explained. So easy and comfortable to walk here and I enjoyed to see market.

I arrived here around noon and stay in down town in Amman, Palace Hotel. 12 JD per one night. The owner lady is very polite. And I have already found great cafe near my hotel, named Oriental cafe. Actually, I wanted to eat something there but this place was only for drinking or smoking. But the owner brought something to eat for me from another restaurant. I enjoyed Arabic coffee and Sheesha by only 3 JD. They lent me their lap top when I tried to access internet with my mobile and asked me to send a message to my parents, “Always welcome to Jordan!” with big smile.
There were many guys who were enjoying playing card and Sheesha. The view from this cafe is nice!
I asked them to teach me how to play card next time. How nice if I can play card with them!

First day is almost finished…tomorrow, I will go to Dead Sea!


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