Good-bye India!


I cannot believe I stayed in India for two months. I arrived Delhi on May 7 and visiting India is like a challenge for me because I heard a lot of strange stories from my friends in Japan. Is it safe to travel alone in India? I always wondered…
And actually, I missed friends in Vietnam a lot when I left there. I thought I never meet such wonderful people in India.

Then, after 2 months in India, I really don’t wanna leave here.Who could imagine I got such great memories in India 2 months before?
How nice days I spent! After meeting wonderful people, my journey became more fantastic.

It is always depends on people that I love the country or not.
In fact, I was upset because of some stupid people sometimes but this kind of experiences were less than good people. Only good memories are kept stronger than bad one.
And god gave me surprise. I got good friends in Goa in May. I always went to restaurant on the Benaulim beach, named Coco’s and talked with some guys who were working there. One of them, who is from Nepal became my good friend. I showed him some photos I took 2 years ago in Kathmandu. And his home is near the temple I visited every morning. It was first surprise for me.
In the end of May, they closed Coco’s because monsoon season has started. They took party at last night and invited me. However I missed the party and I had to leave Goa to Varanasi next day, also missed the chance to say good-bye to my friend.
Then I traveled Varanasi for one week and visited another friend in Darjeeling.
On June 17, I was walking near New Jalpaiguri station with my friend and someone called his name. I had thought I did not know the person who called my friends name but that was a guy I met in Coco’s everyday. 17 days later, I met him again in Darjeeling. Of course, he did not know I was in Darjeeling.
“This is big surprise, isn’t it!?” I was so happy to see him again. It was second surprise god gave me.

Now, July 2nd, nearly good-bye to them. I will be in Amman, Jordan in next week. Nobody know me again in the place. I am sure I will miss all friends in India and feel so sad in the plane like that time after leaving Vietnam in May.
And when I arrive in new place, I can never imagine what a wonderful memory I can get.
Hong Kong, Vietnam, India. I always could leave there with great memories I had never imagined.

Good-bye India at once. And I am sure I will come again to see my dear friends!


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