Opportunity of Japanese?


Vietnamese BBQ

My second point of this trip is Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. This country is special for me because people here told me the opportunity of Japanese.

The salary in a month really depends on the job in Vietnam. The average is 200-300 USD, employee in factory can get only 70 USD, however few part of people who work for foreign company can earn same salary in Japan. GDP is growing up last few years and ODA in Japan has already cut the support to Vietnam. However the gap between rich and poor is getting larger every year. A Japanese guy who works in Vietnam wondered the economic of Vietnam is chasing Japanese economic. What will happen after such a high inflation?

There are many people want to go out from Vietnam. My friend who was working at a mini hotel got married to Korean guy few months ago. After that, she moved to Korea. I don’t know real reason but according to some people who know her said she got married because just wanted to go out from Vietnam. She has not already lived with her husband but with some Vietnamese. The other girl has also got married and moved to Canada. However the truth is that she got fake married to Vietnamese from Canada for getting Visa. After moving to Canada, got divorce by paying some money to the guy. My friend told me this is not special case in this country. I know these cases through books or media but I just had to be surprised when I heard about it as a real case around me.

But one of good culture in Vietnam is many women have responsible for business as a director or manager. A lawyer, she is 31 years old told me her boss is also woman and she kept her work though she has two little children. She brings them school in the morning, go to her office, and pick them up after work. It is usual women keep their job after getting married or having a child.

And another good system here is…can drive bike or car after drinking…they are never punished by police with some alcohol. (But another student told me it is not true…) And KARAOKE is so popular, it is special event for them. I was invited to a wedding party and KARAOKE after the party. Yes, They are so funny…singing and dancing…My friend told me it is usual to spend time with another generation,young or old, not only same generation. They have strong relationship each other. For example, community that is made by people who go to same temple every week. They always take care of each other and get any advice from seniors.

Every countries have good or bad part. No matter Japan or Vietnam. However I’m sure the opportunity that Japanese have is different from another countries. We have already had big opportunity since we are born as a Japanese. The one reason I took this travel is that people here made me notice about it. I can travel anywhere, get any information from another countries, take high education. Is there any reason I do not do anything what I want?



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