Hong Kong


First point of my journey is Hong Kong, really great city. Even for me, grew up in big city in Japan, the view of high buildings were amazing!! Big boards of shops above the street were also awesome. At the same time, I think the style of this city was made because they don’t have earthquake. Imagine how terrible if it happens here…

Anyway, people here are very kind. I’ve never had any trouble during staying in Hong Kong. I stayed in Chong King mansion, there are so many cheap guest houses. Indian, African, Chinese, American, European…many kind of people are working or staying. Finally, I could not find the way to the top of this building. Elevators are divided each area and…hmm, how many floors do they have?

Most interesting thing for me is always talking with local people. I had thought everyone here could speak English very well. However it depends on generations. Mama who is boss of my hotel and treated me very well but could not speak English as younger generation, it was interesting she talked with a guest from abroad by phone. “WHEN!? WHEN WILL YOU ARRIVE AT AIRPORT!?” like this…my friend who showed me around speaks as a native speaker. He told me his many interesting experiences. Especially, a story about going to Japan or business with Japanese were so funny. I must change his stereotype that Japanese cannot speak English. I guessed the problem is the system of education in Japan, means only teaching how to read or write, but he told me it is same in Hong Kong. If it is true, Japanese have to take training to speak English by ourselves. This truth encouraged me to learn English more.

I always visit book store when I go to foreign country, doesn’t matter I cannot understand their local language. Most amazing thing book store here is that there were a lot of guide books about Japan! The quality is equal with Japanese one, also could find the book introduce one part of area in Japan, like “Hokkaido” or “Okinawa”. I was so surprised when I found an article about Jiyugaoka, not only Shibuya or Asakusa. And when I access to Web about flight from HK to another Asian countries, the flight from HK to Hokkaido or Osaka were on sale with special price.

My first part of trip in Hong Kong was finished with great experience! And I wish I can live in this place in the future. Next place is Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam,already visited several few times there so looking forward to seeing my crazy friends. I will write funny story about them next time.

*Special thanks to Jacob in Hong Kong :)*



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