Do what I cannot imagine


My important experiences were always started from negative case.

I belonged to AIESEC when I was University student but senior members had thought I got off at first. According to them,I was looked very boring between new grads and it was true that I could not make fun first few months.
However, I enjoyed the activities the most as a member for four years and spent wonderful time until the last moment of University life thanks to it.

I had been afraid to go to Ukraine before visiting there because I had few information about that country, how about language, weather, food, culture, people…etc. It was even first time to take flight alone to abroad.
However, I could meet great kind people there and find my dream through the internship in Ukraine only for two months.

The first time I managed my trip by myself, I got very angry about a taxi driver who is the first person I met in the country, already felt strong stress and I was disappointed when I went out from the airport.
However, 30 minutes later, I could see a person who made me like the country, told me I have many chances to change my life. The person is still my good friend now.

The point is to do what I cannot imagine before taking action. Then I could get something what I had not imagined, most of cases, positive things for my life. “We should not decide our own limit by ourselves.” Maybe it is true. Even fear by trying to do something new is a sign that I got chance to have great thing by taking action.

Last night in Japan before taking travel all over the world for one year, I’m excited and…get nervous, of course.
However……one years later, I believe I’ll be able to write great stories of this trip.


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