A house in Mountain, Ukraine

Oksana, 17 years old girl took me to a mountain to show me traditional life in Ukraine when I was in Ivano-Frankivsk. Her grandmother lived in a top of mountain. I could meet many people until we arrived at her grandmother’s house because it took 2 days to arrive at Varhovyna, her village.

Her grandmother treated me very well though she could not speak English. She cooked lunch for us when we were eating breakfast, also recommended to drink vodka in the morning. She said “For your health!” and passed me a glass next. It’s one of a traditional part there. People who are sitting same table drink vodka for the health of next person, then pass it next. That was very funny but hard to drink a few times…:P

As you may suppose, very cold at night. Her cat attacked window and crying because she wanted to enter the house…(She was not allowed to enter the room, don’t know why…)

Of course, the toilet was outside. There were small lodge next to house. Around 8 p.m.,We were preparing to go to bed, brushing teeth. Then I tried to open the door going to that small lodge. Suddenly, Her grandmother stopped me and brought bucket. I could not understand what’s the bucket for? Oksana told me, “She said outside is so cold that you should use this bucket for…”

“…..!…Oh, I see…”

Then I went out to the small lodge…of course…



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