A friend in Malaysia wrote about dream

The moment I first saw her was in Austria. I was on the way to Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine, to take part in internship program World joining us!. Ukraine was so far from Tokyo that I had to stay one night in Austria. I had promised to meet a Malaysian girl who was also a member of internship. Next morning, I went down to the first floor of the hotel to see her. We had breakfast together and go to Ivano-Frankivsk by taking another one day.
3 years has passed since I met her. We have many wonderful experiences in Ukraine and went back to own country, Japan and Malaysia. Next year, I visited KL, Malaysia to see her. We had short trip to Malacca at that time. Even now, I think she is a good friend and good sister, I can talk about dream with her without any hesitation. We also have kept same dream for last few years, means to visit Ukraine again in summer 2010. Finally, the year has come.
She wrote about dream on her blog. I totally agree with her. I’m afraid to lose my dream or passion to achieve it because of routine daily life . Maybe it is same to feel like this sometimes in our life no matter which country you lives in…
-The rain drops and bridge-

Yesterday I came across a short article “Working on a Dream”. DREAM, a powerful word. When I think about it, I always imagine myself standing on a mountain cliff and there is a wide green field ahead of me with blue clear sky. I can see everything even the tiniest lifeless objects.

The path to my dream was supposed to be a map of directions, and always well-known by me. Realities, however, keep me in a routine. Sometimes, I’m wondering if I’m really working towards my dream.
Am I on the right track?
Looked out from the car, the rain drops curtained the bridge and the top of the bridge was almost invisible.



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