Hokkaido Obihiro


My friend brought me to places she likes. That was last September. I took holidays for 1 week in Hokkaido. She always said “How nice view here!” and stopped the car, easy to understand she loves her hometown. I wonder the reason she can be moved so often. This view must be daily part of her life and she has looked it many times since she was born. Tourists like me can find new things in somewhere we have never visited. Because it is special time,place or people that we do not touch in daily life. She is not tourist but did not lose to feel good things though she had lived in same place for a long years. I am not moved by the view in Tokyo because it has already became non special thing for me. Can she keep the feeling even if she lives in Tokyo? Maybe not…this special view is beautiful. That’s why she can be moved by familiar sight every time.



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