My summer


…has been already ended in Phuket?

I have been to Phuket island in Thailand for 4 days. It was second trip to Thailand but this place was totally different from city area like Bangkok. Basically,the weather is very hot in day time but breeze from the sea brings cool night. Many tourist are from Europe or Russia so I forgot that I was in Thailand sometimes. The whole days were nice without third day in PiPi island. Because I brought Black berry given by company that’s why I could get call or email wherever I was. The week I took trip was after “Obon” which is long vacation most of Japanese had. So Japanese company started working at once at that week. Then I had to get work from them through Black berry…Yes, I had to work even in PiPi island. OMG…

Anyway,the slowly time stream and delicious food, warm and shy people were nice.
I hope bad things like Sumatra earthquake will never come to this peace place.


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