Oct,15th is Blog Action Day and the theme of this year’s is “Poverty”.
Actually, I don’t know how terrible poverty is. Of course, I know as a knowledge through media but I’ve never feel poverty as my experience. I had been able to eat enough everyday since I was born in Japan.

So what’s “poverty” in my country…?

Well, most of Japanese have money for living. But we are not rich. I mean about our mind.
As you know, I visited some countries and saw people who did not have enough money. But their mind was never poverty. They’re looking for the way to change their life and have big dream. They are making the way for future by themselves everyday.
How about Japanese? Do we have dream? Do we try to make better life? Of course,some of my friends have dream and try to make it come true but I feel strange when I see people in the train to my office. Their eyes…watch nothing and look for nothing…

What is happend in my country now? Over 30000 people kill by themselves every year.
For example, one of reason of suicide is losing job. So what?? A boy who live in Pokhara was so surprised when I told him about it. He said “Yeah, it’s also so hard to get job here. But we never die because of it.”
Why don’t we try to look for another way and make another choices?

“Poverty” is also here, even in one of developed country, especially in our mind now.
What should we eat to solve poverty in Japan??



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