First and last memories in Nepal by a little girl


Sep,15th. I arrived at Kathmandu. After checked in Hotel, I went around Tamel that is area for tourists. The street was so complicated but I had enough time so I decided to anywhere I wanted to go if I lost my way. And then…I lost my way…I don’t know where was that still now. There was big shopping center. I took a rest because I was so tired. I asked a girl, who was around 15 years old, the point on the map but she could not speak English at all. Then a little girl came to me. She was 10 years old and asked me what’s happend. She said “I don’t know how to go back to your hotel but I can ask someone on the road.” We started to go back to Tamel. She asked the way to someone when we had to choose the road. Actually, I could ask them by mself but I could not refused her kindness. About 40 minutes later, I could find the road I knew. I said thanks to her and she went back to her home.

Sep,21th. It was last day of this trip. I wanted to meet a girl, her name was Salada, she was working at cloth shop near Darbar and had studied in Japan before. I went to Darbar but there was so many people who had demonstration to government and polices to keep safety. All shops were closed. I could not find her so I was sitting on the step and saw the demonstraion. Then a little girl who helped me on first day appeard suddenry. She was with her friends. I was so surprised. How could she find me in such a lot of people?
I wanted to appreciate her so I lend my camera to her. She took many photos with serious expression.

She gave me first and last good memory in Nepal. I know her life is not easy now but she could speak English well and had curiosity. I want to believe she will be able to get better life in her future.


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