Buddha birthday

May 17 was Buddha birthday. I had forgot about it but noticed one of my Nepali friends wrote “happy buddha jayenti” (Happy Buddha birthday) on Facebook. Just one year ago, I was in Goa, south west area in India. I often went to small restaurant on the beach at that time. One day, two Nepali friends said “Kaori, today is Buddha birthday.” when I visited there. They thought I had already noticed about it because I’m also Buddhist. I told them I had not known about the day and it made them surprise. They were religious and that was a moment that I felt I have to know about my religion even if it is not popular topic in Japan.
After sunset, I was moving to another place to have dinner where my another new friends was working. I still remember big full moon I saw on the way. The restaurant was running by two Nepali elder couple and Indian people from Darjeeling. So I said to them “Happy Buddha birthday”. However nobody noticed that days was the day. Some of they didn’t know which was the day of it.
I can remember each day of just one year ago recently. Time flies. India must have more and more strange and interesting things. I’m dreaming the day coming back there.


  1. うさぎ一匹目さんのブログでかおりさんのブログを発見しました。




  2. こんにちは。お返事だいぶ遅くなってしまってごめんないさい。





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