Where is this?
This is my best view in Nepal. I’ve never seen such a blue sky and green earth. I knew that the color of the earth is different from each country.

I visited Nepal from Sep,15th to 22th. I didn’t have enough time so just went to Kathmandu and Pokhara. The first one is capital city in Nepal and there were a lot of tourist from all over the world. I could hear Chinese,Korean,Russian,Spanish,Italian,Japanese and so on when I was walking on the street. Really,many foreigner there.

As you know, this is centre of Kathmandu. There were people who did demonstration and polices who tried to keep safety. Some people said Nepal has some political problems but I think it doesn’t have negative meaning. When I visited Pokhara, I asked my friend how does he feel about new Nepal. Because a big change sometimes makes some confuse. But he said “We need a test.” Yes,no change makes no good things. Most of people in Nepal love their country and have a dream.
How about our country, Japan? Our prime minister was changed again and many people don’t believe our government already. It’s big difference between Nepal and Japan.

I met a student in Pokhara. She studies Technology and can speak English well. She was interested in Japan and asked me many questions. I was happy to see her. She invited me to her house and her mother cooked dinner. Her family was so kind and I’ve never forget them and the beautiful sky with a lot of stars there.
There were kindness and beautiful nature that we’ve already lost in our country.

I wish Nepal will be changed better.


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