The way


My friend asked me “What was the goal of your internship in Ukraine?” when I came back to Japan.
I answerd “There is no goal now. I want more people to know about this wonderful country. I keep to tell them forever by the way that I can do.”

Now about one year has been passed since I had started to write this blog.
I tried to write in English because people who is not Japanese can read it.
As you know I just can use such a poor English. So kids under ten years old also can understand.

But now I am looking for the way to tell about Ukraine by not only blog.
Actually, I feel limit this way.
The stories and information don’t be remained. My memory become to be old and I have only one way to catch the imformation about Ukraine, by internet and letter from friends there.

People in Ukraine know about Japan well but Japanese don’t know about them.
One reason is that we have ways to send info about Japan to foreign country, TV,books or Internet but the government in Ukraine doesn’t use enough money for public information, I heard from friend in Ukraine.

How can I cover this divide??


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