10, Nov. to 12,Nov, I went to Verhovyna. This is a village of my friend’s (Oksana) grandmother. It took three hours from Ivano-Frankivsk by bus and we had to climb snow covered mountain for one hour. There are 80 people in the village. However the distance between house and house is far. Her grandmother lives with three cows, six sheeps, some chickens and a cat. Her husband has already died. There is not bath, toilet, and water supply. You have to go out to draw water from a stream if you need water. Her grandmother said about this village, THE END OF WORLD.

She cooked a lot of dishes for us. (She was cooking lunch when we were eating breakfast..) And she told Oksana’s boyfriend how to hold wedding and gave him a book about marrige. (People in Ukraine get married about 20 years old.)

I felt people in this village looked happier than Japanese. I told her about it and she said just one word. “Personality” It means it just depends on personality if you can enjoy your life or not. There are two types of young people in Ivano-Frankivsk. Some of them say about this city “boring” and they want to go city, the other can enjoy with something interesting that is made by themselves. And the things are really funfor me!!

It depends on personality.
Can I enjoy my life rather than my friends here after going back to Tokyo?


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