I am thinking about..


1. The center of Ivano-Frankivsk, morning sky

2. Lviv, Sun set

3. The center of Ivano-Frankivsk

Vol. 6 – What is the difference? –

One of the purpose of my traineeship is to tell them about our history of World War Two and think about peace with students. However there are some problems. Students in University afraid to speak English and it is first time for some of them to see foreigner. I can only 20 min in a class and the class is changed everyday. That is to say, I need more time! 20 min is toooo short to achieve my purpose.

The things I can do in a class are to tell them about basic information. For example, language, food, traditional days and so on…at last I talk about Hiroshima by using some piuctures but it is just a part of presentation. I tried to know what do they think about it. But if I want to discuss with them, I have to break a wall between students and me.

I wonder is there any difference between another Japanese trainee and me. Everyone can do same things with me if you are Japanese.

Now I am thinking about two things. At first,how can I change this situation. Secondly,how can I tell YOU about Ukraine after traineeship. (I have already prepared something for it…and learned how to cook traditional foods..haha)



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