Boys and Girls in Ukraine


Vol.4 -Boys and Girls in Ukraine-

Anyway girls are very beautiful! Almost all of the girls are fashionable and good at dancing. Thiata (is 18 years old) is a little girl I can see anywhere but she changes when she is dancing. What can I say…she is really cool and sexy. The other girl, Tanya is shy girl. When I participated in imitation camp at Ternopil, we had feed back time. We were drinking beer or vodka and talking about what did we lean today. ( same with AIESEC in Japan, right?) However she hated to take part in there. I can see a lot of types of girls THANKS TO Bugra. Because he is always with girl. But finally what I want to say is Yulia is most beautiful!!! It is not compliment, of course.

About boys…yes, I found a really prety boy here. His name is Vova. He must be in favor among Japanese girls. I will show you his picture someday. Boys in Ukraine are really shy. When I told them how to make Ori-duru, they just looked at us (Sim and me) with smile to hide their embarrassment even if they did not understand how to make it.

When I talked with a girl who is AIESECer in Ivano-Frankivsk, she told me she broke with her boy friend because of AIESEC. He did not understand why she was busy and could not meet him everytime. I asked her “Why do not you find new boy friend in AIESEC?” but she said flatly, ” NEVER!!! Where is nice guy in AIESEC?! There are so many beautiful girls but not boys!!”

Have you ever heard same phrase in Japan….???


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