Culture shock


Vol.3 -Culture Shock-

“What is your first culture shock in Ukraine?”

I am at a loss for answer when I am asked like that because I cannot find an answer that they hope for. For example, I cannot use hot shower though it is too cold at night here. ( Of course I knew that but it is really inconvenient practically!!) However it is not culture shock but just problem for me. The first culture shock for Yen Sim from Malaysia is people kiss each other when they say good-bye.

I found funny game at imitation camp. (I forgot the name…) There are some pairs and they make a line. secondly, pairs make tunnel by raising hands and run under the tunnel. A pair who stand the first of the line when the music is stopped have punishment. That is drinking beer and kiss over ten seconds. It is just punishment but they kiss passionately…haha. Hey, why do not you take the game in freshmen camp as ENTAME???

Come to the conculusion that there are no culture shock that I expected before starting traineeship…of course, NOT YET.


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