First week report



10/4 welcome party
10/5 Learning Ukrainian Song, Excursion @ Ivano-Frankivsk
10/6-10/8 AIESEC Imitation Camp @ Ternopil
10/9 Press Conference (meet some journalists)
10/10 classes @ IME Univ.

Vol.1 -Class @ IME Univ

I have two classes a day at IME University now. Yulia (my CS) gave me a topic that I teach students at there. It is Basic Rules of Comminication. However the topic is little bit difficult and boring for them so after the first class, I changed the topic to Japanese culture. I told them how to make TSURU, make a gilr wear KIMONO, and write their name in Japanese. They were really iterested in these things but I cannot be satisfied with my work beause the purpose that is thinking about peace with them has not achieved yet. Of course I tried to do it. They said they know about Hiroshima well when I show them pictures of the Atomic Bomb Memorial Dome. Why I cannot discuss wirh them? The reason is simple. They are afraid to speak English. So the biginning of class, I talk about Japanese culture (foods, traditional days, building and so on…) then there is no time to talk about history of Japan…I must change the way..

Vol.2 -Oh, Turkish Guy!!!!-

There are two trainees who take part in this project without me. Yen Sim from Malaysia and Bugra from Turky. (BTW, I am youngest trainee here) The guy, Gugra is PROBLEM CHILD.
like this…

Bugra: I will go out to meet Creece (He is from Greece for another project)
Sim and me: O.K.

But after that we meet Creece at down town.

Me:Where is Bugra?
Creece: ??? I just finished to work. I do not know where he is.

He is liar..
He always meet girl(S).

Yulia: Oh,Turkish Guy!! Why does he come to Ukraine!??

Two trainees who came from Turky before is same, Yulia said. They also go for girl hunt if they have freetime.

Never go to Turky if you are blond, it is said in Turky.

Now Mr.Bugra go out for calling.

Bugra: Hi, Creece! Where are you now?

We say…
Is it Creece or another girl???

Oh, Turkish Guy….!!!!


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