Be yourself in Chaotic city

I was born under good luck to be surrounded by good people wherever I lived in and my treasure has been themselves in my 30 years. My most important rule is always to be honest against myself in front of these people. I had not known not to trust people when I was child since I did not need to doubt anything. Fortunately, I might be surrounded by good seniors or they did not show me such negative relationship. However, one day probably in early 20 ages, I started noticing people were more strategic and used to hide what they were actually thinking in their mind to gain what they wanted. It would be weird to say by myself but I was too innocent to deal with complex relationship.

I invited my friends in my place on last Friday and had a small discussion as a part of our drinking time topics about Indian girls who were very difficult to deal with for us. (Sorry to say but it would be majority among girls here.) Honestly I have hardly gotten Indian girl friend in Mumbai. They are very friendly and beautiful but I could feel the words or behavior were not coming from who actually they were. They asked me to take photos together and be close to me like we have known each other for ages. But It was not possible to reach their mind when I spoke to them, their surface were still too friendly though. We discussed what makes them like that for a while but could not get answer which we could all agree. One Indian friend told me there is no friendship among girls in this city because they are always rival each other for fashion or against boys. Anyway, this is a big mystery…
Considering my character and people or situation in this chaotic city, I should have been more strategic and matured to be involved in such complicated things. Yet, I have no idea how to make it possible. Finally it was concluded if this place is full of complex, I better to be more honest and make clear my thought among them. Otherwise, I would be easily influence by others and could be nobody. 
There might be two types of people in Mumbai. The one try to protect yourself with a lot of layers from strangers or unexpected situations, the other is peeling yourself more and more to be yourself. I would prefer to be second one and want to be honest and keep integrity in front of my people. Or else, I could not survive in Mumbai (or maybe even in any another countries).


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