Building trust in abroad


I don’t know how many people came to my life and left, how many people are still around me since I came here, Mumbai.

There are more people who became a friend and left in a short term than friends who have kept in touch more than one year. Positively, these people taught me something and I could see another point of view  of life. Negatively, it is very difficult to build relationship with trust in such a short term. I had thought people left me and it was hectic to find new people who could be a true friend in a long period. But a friend said that I left people unconsciously when I found out that the person would never give me what I wanted. It is easy to get acquaintance in abroad as a foreigner, people comes to you friendly but there are always something you need to pay attention about their personality which you don’t need to do in your home country. Definitely, it takes more time to build trust than home. This kind of things make me very tired recently.

This might be silly to count the number of people but I could say I have met new people in Mumbai ten times more than the same 1 year and 8 months in Japan. Party happens everywhere, every weekend, can meet another people through common friend, have chance to meet travelers. However, the number of people I can trust is less than Japanese. It is true that I left some people whom I felt I don’t need to keep in touch or I cannot trust. Because I want to keep my life on the right way to my directions and I don’t have much capacity to keep many people mixed around me in different culture, some people might say I’m picky.

In the difficult situation, the right friends came to me whom I have kept in touch for a long term. I appreciate them they gave me relief and energy to keep trying to build trust here. At least, it is not impossible to make belief among people, just takes time and need to recognize who could be with.

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  1. Your article on the exterior is very nice i am from Greece and today first visit your site also


  2. Kaori より:

    Thank you, I wish I could read your blog in English!



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