Tu na Jaane, you don’t know


Tu na jaane
Par mein hoon tere sang
Tu na dekhe aur
Mein hoon wo ek rang
Tere liye tere saath hamesha hoon mein toh tere pass
Jab bhi tu sar rakhe mere kandho par gham mein chooralu
Haath thaam k mera chal tu khushi se milalu
Aankhe na jaane ansoo kyun behte hai
Dil hi ye jaane ansoo kyun behete hai
Par tu kaise jaane bata mere tanha dil ko tu hai chahane laga
Nahi toh kyun tu bhi aansoo bahaye mein ro doo toh
Dard tuzko bhi hota hai kyun mein ro do toh
(English translation)
You don’t know, but I am there with you.
You don’t see, that I am that one color.
For you, with you, I am always there near you.
When you put your head on my shoulder, I will steal your sorrow.
Eyes do not know why tears are falling
Only the heart knows why tears fall.
But how do you know, you have started loving my lonely heart.
Then why do you cry when I cry?
You also get hurt when I cry.



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