A great friend, also wonderful traveler said “Home is where my heart is, my heart is here with me”.

I am feeling the days I was traveling over the world is long time back like I was in dream. I was tough, afraid of nothing, with full of interest wherever I go. In Eastern Europe, I was depressed, strongly missed Asia. At that time, I realized I need home which is not several places for travel but where I want to settle down. This is one of the big changes of my thought before travel and after. I had been dreaming the life to be free wherever I want to be in before leaving Japan. However, my mind was completely changed after traveling. 
Now, I am not enough strong to say “Home is where my heart is, my heart is here with me”.  My heart desires proper place I can stay my entire life. People may say life is long and it is not necessary to decide one place before middle of life. But I am satisfied with travel. What I need is real Home, usual days, work what I like to do, friends I can meet up often. I want to feel changes at my home place but not world level.
So far, I can call Yokohama as my home where I grew up for 22 years. I am not a person who express my love to my home place. I don’t know what is specific point I like about Yokohama, simply because of my Home. No reason except that. Now, I start to feel Mumbai can be my home as well or I want to make this city my Home. However, I cannot say what is my favorite point about this city. Absolutely, Mumbai is not for tourists, less special point for sight seeing than Delhi or any another big city like New York, Paris or Barcelona. In fact, I felt 2 or 3 days were enough to stay when I came here as a tourist. But once I spent my days almost one year here, I started to feel comfortable to be here, can hear my heart say it is ok for you to stay here. Yes, after coming here, my heart stopped looking for any another place she wants to live in. “You can stay here, you should try to make your life here. Then, one day, you can say Mumbai is your home from bottom of your heart.” She answers when I try to follow my heart. 
For me, Home can be wherever my heart likes. What I can do is that I just keep hearing what she is saying to me, try to not losing the voice.



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