August 15, Independence day


August 15 is independence day in India. Unfortunately, I don’t have holiday because we are working for Japanese clients though, most of Indian have public holiday on this day. I have no idea normally how people celebrate it, young people may have whole night party. Anyways, this is one of the big events in their history, August 15 in 1947.

What about Japanese? When is the most historical and people pay attention to? At least we don’t have independence day. Or anniversary of end of world war 2, August 15, can be most memorable day as well in a year for us. In addition, August 6 is the day atomic bomb attacked Hiroshima. People observe a moment of silence on August 6th, 8:15 am. We have promised, will not repeat same mistake again in our future every year.

After two years since world war 2 got over in 1945, India became independent from UK in 1947. It might be tough time for both of Japan and India. We have started developing own countries almost at the same time. 65 year has been passed, Japan became developed country earlier than India. Indian people still admire how we developed our own country so fast, the county was destroyed deeply during world war 2 though. I can see Indian try to learn our technology or the way to work developing India like Japan. But it is also true that they are still focusing on the past of Japan, over 60 years ago and asking me how we could grow up so fast. Present Japan might not be known well.

Now, 2012, India and China are one of BRICS and world focus on these countries as a new market. According to some books, India can be join developed country till 2015. On the other hand, Japan will be able to be removed from developed counties list till 2050. China is also growing up but the balance of young and old population is getting worse like Japan. India has huge young generation percentage, the opportunity can be larger than China.

India and Japan were same children who were born to build themselves almost same time. But Japan grew up much faster than India, the young brother has admired his elder brother and trying to be like him. However, the moment this elder brother will be supported by younger can be come sooner than we suppose. I believe these two countries can be good partner to develop each other since the character is totally different and many things to learn each other. I would like to see the moment, both India and Japan do become strongest countries in Asia with strong friendship.

Happy independence day, India!!!


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