Yummy weekend?


This is called YAKITORI at a small restaurant in Bandra, Flower Temple. Eeee, this is chicken but…looks not YAKITORI as YOU can understand…つくねのオイスターソース漬けのようなものでした。
Anyway, I have known good place for food slowly thanks to friends here. Mostly good restaurant or bar are shown by them only. Flower Temple gets only two star by reviewer online but the taste of Thai food was quite good!!

triple chocolate desire

One more place on this weekend, this is popular place “Leopold cafe” in town. This cafe is famous as a place attacked by terrorists in 2008 but always crowded as same as before the accident. The cake was so nice with super sweet taste!

Well, discovery of Bombay is still going on. The list of “Must visit” is updating one by one for the day once my friends visit me in Bombay!!



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