The reason Boys > Girls in India


Finally, English subtitle is averrable  on Youtube, Satyamev jayate, Episode 1. It is about abortion in India. The population of boys is larger than girls here and this episode focuses on the reason, the reality.

My surprise of this reality is that not only uneducated people force the mother abortion but educated people. In addition, people know abortion happens in India because some families prefer boys to girls. They believe it happen only in village or country side. It is not truth. Even in big city like Delhi or Mumbai, educated people do it.

There must be many realities which people don’t know even if they are Indian. Now, I started to understand why people say Aamir Khan is brave to be appeared in this show. It can be big impact for this country to make reality clear. It can make sense that this program mainly spoken in Hindi. However, it is worth to watch for foreigner like me as well.

Official Site of Satyamev Jayate. English subtitle averrable 

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  1. Yen Sim Kuek より:

    this is sex selection. India has this reproductive health issue for long time. Abortion should not be used as a sex selection vehicle. It is provided as a choice to woman for other purposes. Population control is important in India, and contraceptives should be used for the purpose. But people only see it from the eyes of culture that giving birth to a girl is something bad and they forget that it is the girl (woman) who gives life…



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