Monsoon has come


As most of people has known, Zero was found by Indian and it has contributed to the human history. I suppose Japanese had never been able to find Zero. Because time is necessary to find out something which nobody have been though of. We  have been too busy to do it. People who is working hard are always respected but no work is shown as negative thing in Japan. In India, it is fine if you don’t have a job, people are taught to help travelers or poor people in some religion. So that, they can have time to think something unusual. Finally, Indian found Zero from nothing!

Today, 6th June, the monsoon season has come here in Bombay. Last few days, I could see some cloud in the morning, it was very rare to see cloud here and it made me notice rainy season comes soon. Indian like rain. Even they prefer to go to Goa in monsoon. I stayed in Goa a week in June 2010 but it was really enough for me. Cloudy and sudden rain, no people on the beach. These things brought me depression especially I had known summer season in Goa. I had similar depression in Vienna when I was traveling there for a week. In addition, the bell of church made the atmosphere darker and quieter. Weather can surely change our mind. 
According to my Japanese colleague who knows last monsoon, the worst thing is mold. Everything get moldy so easily and clothes will be never dried. On the other hand, Indian are excited to see rain, even they can dance in the heavy rain. I have no idea how they can spend time for 4 months in rain. They just told me “It is not bad like that, sometimes rain and sometimes cloudy. Cooler than summer.” Yes, I can understand why they are so excited to see rain after surviving in the summer heat. Rain will clean any dust and make the ground green. It can be similar with animals in savanna after dry season.  I asked a boy the best way to spend time in monsoon. He said sitting near the window and listen to music. Even he said the view of cloudy sky is romantic. Now, I noticed why Indian can find out Zero. This kind of time can allow them to think of something unusual after busy and hot season. Yes, it can be said romantic season for them.
Monsoon will be kept for 4 months here. I cannot imagine if I can patient or enjoy the time as I am not expecting now. I wish I can take this 4 months positively like Indian people.

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  1. kunalmithril より:

    the easiest way to be happy is not to think about the future but just to enjoy the moment now. whether it is raining or not 🙂 that is the way i live 🙂 and hope you enjoy the monsoons in India 🙂




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