Sushi in Bombay

First time having Sushi in India, it happened in North Bombay, the restaurant called Global fusion. The restaurant is not Japanese but you can get Chinese food as well. We paid Rs 900 (tax is not included) for buffet. I had not expected much but the taste was not bad. The size was bit smaller than our original one though. Of course, Indian people also like it. Once they know I am from India, they start to talk about Sushi and inform me where I can get it in Bombay. Global fusion is quite famous place, less price compared with South Bombay, means tourist area. (Best Sushi must be in Taj hotel, they said). 
Global Fusion in Bandra west, Bombay
The information about Japanese food in Bombay is quite limited compared with Delhi. I remember I could find small restaurant even in backpackers area in Delhi central. The reason is that the number of Japanese living in Delhi and Bombay is totally different, Delhi 2000 people and Bombay only 500 people I heard. Delhi is main place for business among Japanese so far and the life between resident officer or locally-hired employee is so different. Most of resident officers have their own driver and don’t use Rikishaw or train because “India is not safe”. The topic between them can be “I used Rikishaw today!”. India has many different part and it may be not easy for people who don’t like India. However, I strongly recommend to try to find out local way. You will be touched by the beauty of India once you dive in without any stereotype!


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