Time will only show you


The words I often hear in India is “After sometime”. I can say this is Indian English because I have never listened this sentence or used out of India. You will never know exactly how long you should wait once you hear this sentence in India. Even I still don’t know how I should calculate.

Now, I have something which is pending. First, my bike license has not been come yet, don’t know the reason. Second, finally I decided to set air conditioning in my room but the land owner didn’t give me a permission, he is out of Bombay now and my company supervisor cannot contact him. I am not patient person. So finally I changed the priority what I should buy and bought MacBook Pro last weekend. Yes, I didn’t need any permission to get it, how smooth it was! 
I know it is really waste of time to irritate because of this kind of things in India, let it be. My colleague taught me one good sentence last week. “Ye to waqt hi hame patayega” means “Time will only show you”. I tried to find same meaning in Japanese but could not. There is one, “人事を尽くして天命を待つ”, but it means you must do as much as you can before you just wait for your fate. In India, there is many things which depends on your luck and you will never know the specific reason when it doesn’t become true as you expected. I learned about it when I was suffering from getting VISA to come here last year. Government also often doesn’t give us clear response, it will never be known.

This is introduction of India which Indian company made. I laughed when I saw it because there are many points which I am usually wondering about their culture. “Why do we do this?” Here is many weird things and these points also “don’t know reason” even for them. So how we foreigner can know it? What I can do is just let it be after as much as I can. I am still following Japanese way but one day I will be able to wait for my fate before losing a lot of energy by fighting with a lot of unknown reason?

Ye to waqt hi hame batayega.
Time will only show you how I will be in India after sometime.



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