Standing the future of that time


Benaulim, my first memorable place in India, the place which gave me a dream, showed me a reality of life. I visited again after one and half year. Walked around the small village, long road to the beach, saw sunset and some people who made me happy at that time. I might want to know how I changed by standing same place and watching present me from the past. To live in India was what I had strongly wanted. Finally, I did stand the same place after achieving my first step of my dream, shift life to India not as a tourist. I was happy when people believed that I am from Mumbai when I spoke to them in Hindi.

“Are you happy now?” My old friend asked me and I could say “Sure”. It is true. I have base in Mumbai now, normal days as a citizen of India. Still I want a lot of things here though, if I stand my past and see myself from there, present “me” seems happy in the future of that time. But Benaulim could not feel me “home”. Even I had good friends there, I am a person who visit their place. I was feeling sad when I was leaving to airport to go back to Mumbai. Plenty of memories which I got in 2010 made me confuse and asked me if I chose right way.  Once I reached Mumbai airport, the feeling was going to be reduced. After midnight of Mumbai, the view I used to watch made me calm.

Now, it was enough to get back to past. I wanna visit there again when I can pass the second step to my dream. Till then, good bye Benaulim!


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