One year had passed since I met Her


Just one year ago, I set foot on Tanzania. I was scared to go there the day before leaving to Tanzania. I was feeling fear about going to Tanzania in tiny shared room in London. I couldn’t understand myself at that moment. However, it was truth that I had negative image about safety in Africa until reaching there. Tanzania was too far to have real image for me at that time.The view from airplane was different with any another countries. No high building, clear horizon. I felt a power of Africa.

As usually, I got a fight with clerk at the airport. The airplane leave to Zanzibar didn’t come for a few hours. I really got angry and shouted them in front of people. At that moment, I had felt my journey in Tanzania would be worse than another trip. But after leaving mainland of Tanzania, I was moved and forgot everything so easily because of beauty of ocean. An elder woman sat next to me fell a sleep and never woke up until we reached Zanzibar. I could not believe how she could miss this beautiful view even if it was first time for her to take airplane. 
My days in Zanzibar were really unforgettable memory. I could meet many good people in Paje beach which was my driver from airport recommended me to stay. From the first day, I started to love the place and I spent great my birthday with nice people. Even now, I could see that beautiful beach with white sand and green ocean when I close my eyes. I swam everyday and children was happy to see that I could swim very well to far away from beach side. 
I’m keep in touch with a young boy and he told me about his friends in Zanzibar sometimes, then dreaming I wish I could visit that heaven one more time in my rest of life. That was real beauty of earth and most beautiful part SHE has. Of course not only about view but also people.
One year has passed since I met HER. I wish I can see HER again in my dream tonight. 


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