Workerholic in India


“If you work hard, you can get better life in the future” My Indian friend told me this is the thing that people in India believe. Working hard is only a way to get better life, earn good money and make life easier.  In my case, working hard is not only for money. My first priority is have experience to work at Indian company. However, I am looked like a part of native people who believes that sentence.

I worked for 12-14 hours a day this week. Almost non-stop. I could not stop working even at the lunch time. My colleague helped me to pick my delivery lunch up at the reception instead of me because I could not leave my desk. A week has passed so fast. I just eat and sleep after work except taking one Hindi class for one hour. What a life…Somehow, I’m enjoying my work, I don’t say I hate my work but I am afraid to keep this life style for a long time at the same time. At least, I must think of my future and take action for it by making time even in busy days. Specifically, I have to find the way to stay in India without belonging to something. Now, my life in India was supported 100 % by this company which means I DO NOT stand here by myself.
In this weekend, I totally become a loser. I cannot go out to look for something new, something funny even if I’m here, my favorite country. Cleaning up my room is the only one thing I had done after messy one week. Tomorrow, I have one more day to recover myself. Hopefully, I will not finish my weekend just as a loser.


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