Going on the right way

One week has passed. I’m getting used to be here, also about my work. There are some challenges I have to overcome. My co-workers said I will be going to crazy because of my job role. One of my team members left India suddenly and the other one will leave to another job role one month later. After that, I have to take charge of everything instead of them only by myself. Actually, this time will be my hardest job experience so far. But I’m feeling I’m on right way. I have good pressure about my future. Nothing is fixed but this pressure will make me do my best. If I did not see the world I wanted to see last one year by traveling around the world, I might keep seeking free days without any pressure but I’m already satisfied to see different world and this is a time to make evident progress in India for me. I got good opportunity to make first step in India at least.

I talked with my friend’s sister who is from Nepal. She is 20 years old and came to India to get opportunity to keep studying at University. She has to make money to enter University by herself. Her family is still in Nepal and they do not afford to support her new life in India. She takes bus for 1 and half hours every morning and works 12 hours for a day to earn money for her future and her present life. But she never complained about it, trying to overcome things which she faces each moment. This is different life for me when I was in Japan. But it is not rare case here. It always depends on your effort and luck if you can get good life or not. Nothing is ensured. If I am in Japan, I may be scared of this kind of life because it is usual for us to be ensured future (It is becoming not like that nowadays though) in Japan but I can be courage by people in India.
My choice has not been wrong. It’s not about my career but simply life. I’m feeling I am living my life here. It is really happy thing, isn’t it?



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