First impression of working in India, written on first working day

Day 1, at an Indian company in Andheri, Mumbai, 3rd day in India this time, everything was fine. I’m wondering I’m really in India at this moment. All experiences I got by traveling this country were felt different memories in different country. I was little bit shocked now. Those memories are real India for me. Being with foreigners in India is totally different experience. I felt the layer of India. If I live in one layer, I may not see another layer. Most of my friends in India made community within native people and at that time, I never saw foreigner’s life in India. In this time, I am feeling that life I saw when I was traveling and be with native people were different world. However my co-workers who are from Japan and Korea, everyone said I will see “this is India”. It means it will be really hard to work with Indian people because of different culture. They are not on time, always have to push them if we want something, they are too optimistic. In fact, I have not really started to work yet, just taking some sessions by manager or chatted with co-workers.

However, the atmosphere was similar with the company I worked in Tokyo. “If you compare with your country’s company, you will suffer. But compare with another Indian company, this is really nice one.” A Korean girl who has worked here for 9 months said. “This is really good experience for me. If I can work with Indian people, I will be able to work with anyone. But one year in India is enough for me.” This company can be said exactly middle layer one. All employees can speak English very well and live in middle layer in India. And the style to work seems good as well as Japanese one. Office may have better quality than some Japanese one. But once I start to work with them, I must see their Indian way, every foreigner co-workers said.

About the quality of life, like apartment or living area are nicer than I expected. There are big malls nearby. The mall seems almost same with one in US or Europe. I can get almost everything even about imported foods. Only one thing, I felt this is India that I could not find beef at the supermarket. Only mutton and chicken were there. I went to cinema and saw “Love break ups Zindagi” with my roommate from Korea on Sunday. I’ve already seen some Bollywood movies and some sentences in English between conversations helped us to understand. Of course, the quality of cinema is good even comparing with Japanese one except too cold because of air conditioning. After the film, main actress, Dian Mirza, came up in front of screen. I shook hands with her. It was my first lucky moment in India this time. So far, so good. Let’s see what will happen after starting work here.


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